What’s The Update On the Transbay Transit Center?

The beautiful and long-awaited Transbay Transit Center with a gorgeous rooftop park is slated to open to the public next month, on July, which means that Muni operations at street level will begin. However, the top-floor rooftop called Salesforce Park, complete with restaurant, amphitheater, and an aerial tram, is slated to open much later sometime in the summer.

Per SF Curbed, Jes Pedersen, CEO of construction company Webcor, made a statement in March with the Transbay Joint Powers Association that construction work would be finished by June. Now it looks as if that deadline has been pushed like so many before it. The biggest delay apparently was a shortage of electricians.

There seems to be a general delay in construction citywide in the recent months as well, as the Central Subway and the incoming Chase Center had similar problems.

After all, Rome wasn’t built in one day, as they say. Neither is San Francisco.What’s The Update on the Transbay Transit Center?

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