The Massive Development in Downtown San Francisco

At present, the pipeline of development across San Francisco looks something like this:

  • 71,000 residential units to be built
  • About 10,000 of the units, or 14% are located within the boundaries of San Francisco’s Greater Downtown, which includes most of the burgeoning Transbay District, but only a sliver of Central SoMa
  • Of the 2,600 net-new residential units that came online in San Francisco last year, 34% (or 880) were built in Downtown, District 8


Image result for transbay district san franciscoThe new and improved TransBay District in San Francisco courtesy of SocketSite


Data from the latest Monitoring Report for Downtown San Francisco will be presented to the San Francisco Planning Commission next week, and the reports says:

“The number of people working within the boundaries of the city’s old-school Downtown, the classic C-3 District, increased 5.4% in 2018 to 294,000 […] This number is up 26% since the end of 2011 (which was 233,500) and represents 41% of the now 725,000 jobs in San Francisco.”

Image result for tech workers in downtown sfPhoto of Downtown San Francisco workers by New York Times as featured on their ‘California Today’ column


In addition, the share of all jobs citywide increases 44% (321,000) when the Transbay and Downtown Residential districts (DTR) are included as well.

Image result for construction in san francisco downtownPhoto: TransBay Transit Center construction courtesy of SF Chronicle


A. CRE has an interactive Google map that shows all the major developments currently happening and will be happening  in downtown San Francisco. The map will also become populated with buildings that have been built post 2000 to show an accurate picture of all the change that has happened downtown since the start of the millennium.

Sources: SocketSite, A. CRE

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