The Growth of Housing in San Francisco

About 10,000 housing units, or 15 % of the total number of developments currently underway in San Francisco are within the boundaries of the city’s Downtown area – which by the way now includes most of the thriving Transbay District and a sliver of Central SoMa.


TransBay Area Map:


San Francisco’s Housing Pipeline, including the development in Downtown, now totals a record-breaking 67,800. This number includes 11,450 units of “affordable housing” to be offered at below market rates to San Franciscans who qualify, according to SocketSite’s latest accounting of Planning’s database.

To sum it up, there are now 15,300 net-new units of housing for which building permits have either been issued, approved or requested, and 30,500 units in projects that have already been approved but not yet permitted.

About 10,500 units are to be built at Candlestick, 7,800 units on Treasure Island and 5,680 units at Park Merced.

Hunters Point Redevelopment Plan for 10,500 units approved:

7,800 units in Treasure Island:

5,680 units in Park Merced:


And let’s not forget the ambitious Central SoMa Plan which could pave the way for an additional 8,300 units of housing and enough office space for an additional 39,000 workers to rise in the area roughly bounded by Folsom, Second, Townsend and Sixth Streets:

All of these exciting development projects in San Francisco have timelines measured in decades, not years. While there’s definitely an explosion of development in the city and our skyline is changing, they won’t rise overnight so let’s not gasp in awe right yet.

Source: SocketSite

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