Plans for a New 3rd St Development Condo

The vacant building at 4712-4729 3rd Street, formerly known at “3rd St Village”, in the heart of Bayview, was to be razed and become a 3-story, 24-room residential care facility for the elderly. Instead, the site will now be a 4-story development, with 13 two-bedroom condos over a 1,200-square-foot retail space and a storage room for 13 bikes. Permits have already been approved for the new plan.

The demolition permit have been approved, though not yet funded. The parcel and plans are currently on the market for $2.59 million.

The site is in the rapidly developing Third Street corridor. The building has 13 two-bedroom, 2-bath condos ranging from 832 sq ft to 1037 sq ft and 1 ground floor commercial space with 1,185 sq ft. The gross square footage of the proposed building is 16,998 sq ft. The parcel size is 5485 sq ft. There are 3 affordable units in this building as required. The building is located in front of the T-train Muni line. A few minutes away from UCSF new campus, AT&T Park, and the upcoming Warriors Basketball arena. Architectural plans are included in the sale.

Source: Socketsite,

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