San Francisco’s “Central SoMa Plan” and “Market Street Hub” Development Plans Move Forward

San Francisco is currently in the works to develop two huge adjoining area, the Market St and Octavia area, and Central SoMa area. This involves improving the areas’ streets, alleys and public realm.

The Market Street Hub plan would allow for the development of a “taller, larger, and more diverse” array of buildings within the boundaries of the 84-acre district which is currently zoned for a maximum of 400 feet in height, per SocketSite. The proposed height limits for the redevelopment of the San Francisco Honda site at 10 South Van Ness has officially been raised from 500 to 590 feet.

And the proposed height limit for the corner parcel at 1 South Van Ness Avenue, upon which an 8-story building currently sits, has been raised from 600 to 650 feet in height, in order to help mitigate “a “table-topping” effect on the area’s rapidly evolving skyline with uniform heights of tall buildings and little transition to adjacent areas” and cement the corner as the visual hub of the neighborhood.

The “impact report” draft by the city’s Planning Department for the Hub Plan is scheduled to be submitted in the spring of 2019, after which the adoption hearings would follow.
If successful, the Hub Plan could clear the way for an additional 12,000 units of housing to rise around the transit rich intersections of Market and Van Ness and South Van Ness and Mission, along with enough commercial space to accommodate around 7,000 workers. San Francisco is undergoing a major facelift and everyone’s keeping an eye on it.

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