Revised Plans on the Condo Development on Polk Street

The nice real estate on Polk St & California where Out of the Closet Thrift store currently stands is a vast corner lot that can have over 8,000 square feet of retail space:


Plans to redevelop this site was approved back in 2016 for a 7-story building with 63 condos, new retail space, and an underground garage for 41 cars. It was visualized to look like below:

Here is another look of it from a different angle, per the project team and architects:

Today, new plans are being drawn for an 8-story building to rise up to 87 feet in height on the 1567 California Street site, with 100 units of housing over 10,000 square feet of retail space and none (zero) off-street parking spots.

Below is the proposed project, newly rendered by David Baker Architects:

In order to increase the current 80-foot height and 93-unit density limits for the site as zoned, the project team is planning to invoke California’s Density Bonus Law for the seven extra feet and condo units it wants to add, and waive the bulk building restrictions (which resulted in the terraced 7-story design above) and parking requirements (which in principle would require a garage for 100 cars) for the site.

Revised plans are underway, though as of today, the project team has yet to file any paperwork with the city to get the actual permitting process for the development, and approval for the bigger development.


Source: Socketsite

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