Real Estate Compass Unveils Hi-Tech ‘Home For Sale’ Signs

The real estate company Compass recently unveiled a new design for its “for sale” sign, and it’s a decidedly modern update to a decades old “For Sale” signs.

It’s in the shape of a magnifying glass and emits a gentle glow from the inner rim of its ringed frame. And it’s connected to the internet!

The half-digital, half-analog sign looks like it could have been designed by Dyson or Apple, or pretty much any other 21st-century high tech company with a taste for the elegant and minimal. It has an embedded technology, to give people access to more detailed information than a standard printed sign can contain.

Compass chief creative officer, Matt Spangler, can barely contain his excitement after months of development. “This piece right here—this slides out.” With the click of a button, he animates the LED lights, which cascade down the sides of the ring. Turning the sign around, he demonstrates how to detach the printed piece in the center, using subtle tabs. In the future, if cost allows, he envisions a fully digital version that agents can update in real time. Right now, Compass’s mobile development team is making plans for an augmented reality iteration.

“Say it was just a plot of land—you could see a house modeled on the land, you could change the color of the house with paint, you could see all the neighborhood data, you could see restaurants that are recommended,” Spangler says, painting the vision.

“The first thing I want to see is agents happy because sellers are saying, ‘That made my house stand out,’” says Compass COO Maëlle Gavet.

It’s definitely eye-catching, but it will cost real estate agents $1,000 a pop to get on the band wagon. The modular design has 3 main parts: a stand, a centerpiece that displays a printed sign with the realtor’s information, and the glowing ring meant to attract the attention of potential buyers. Below the glowy ring is a QR code, which prompts interested buyers to download the Compass app for more information.

For now, the sign’s functionality is limited—the ring glows in a handful of animation patterns, and the sign’s text must be manually changed. But eventually, Compass says its redesigned signage could be fully digital and act as a hub to connect the digital and physical worlds.

Source:, SF Curbed

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