Proposed New Development in the Mission

A modern 5-story building will soon be built by the Urban Group on 1721 15th Street which currently is the site of a soon-to-be-demolished 102-year old Mission district garage, built in 1916.

This site is in between Little Star Pizza and The Monastery, which is also on the market for sale, by the way.

This is how the site looks right now on the exterior and in the interior:

Below is a render of the proposed development project, with trees and clean streets visualized:

The proposed development is now zoned for up to 55 feet in height. Plans reveal it would have 24 residential units total, and some with spacious private balconies. 8 will be one-bedrooms and 16 will be two-bedrooms. The residential units will be built above 2,700+ square feet of commercial retail space. The building will have off-street parking for 24 bicycles, but no parking spaces for cars. It will have a facade that’s finished with perforated Corian panels, reports SocketSite.

Below is a night-time render of the proposed development:

Source: SocketSite, Google

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