Pier 70 – crane cove


Pier 70’s future public realm will include mixed-use condo residences on two sites along Illinois Street, arts & creative spaces, light-manufacturing, local retail spaces, a market square with History Building 12, Bay trails, and 9-acres of waterfront parks.

There will be major waterfront open spaces with parks, shoreline access areas, and a fabric of buildings, streets, courtyards, and pedestrian ways that reflect Pier 70’s distinctive historic character.

All of the buildings to be built at Pier 70 will be carefully designed to be compatible with the historic district.

The site will have more than $150 Million in infrastructure improvements, including all new utilities, streets, geotechnical and seismic improvements – all towards a local, neighborhood-centric waterfront.

Unit Features

    The residential units will feature architecture that complements Pier 70’s historic qualities.

Building Features:
    • The limited residential development allowed on the site will make the area into one of the most sought-after locations to live in the city.
    • Ancillary structures in major open spaces that support water-oriented recreational activities, such as an aquatic center, boat rental and supplies, and refreshments, are also in the development plans.
    • Also in the works to be built are walking trails to the Bay, a shoreline that support natural habitat for wildlife, a number of courtyards, plazas, and passageways.
    • Each new building at Pier 70 will differ from its next-door neighbor in the following ways: building massing, materials, and glazing pattern. The building facades at Pier 70 will reflect but not replicate the scale, pattern and rhythm of its historic neighbors. It will consist of materials that are intended to patina or weather since they’re right at the waterfront, materials such as wood slats or perforated mesh.
    • The area will have pedestrian and bicycle access, and a network of historic rail spurs, pathways, and internal access routes to connect Pier 70 with Dogpatch and Potrero Hill neighborhoods.
    • Pier 70 will also provide sites for office, research, emerging technologies, light industry, commercial, cultural, and recreational uses to expand San Francisco’s economic base and generate revenues to fund public benefits.

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