181 Fremont


181 Fremont will be home to just 55 original owners, with twelve accessory suites available for expansive possibilities. The fortunate residents of 181 Fremont will have the undivided attention of the service staff, and a concierge will be on call for any want or whim that might arise. Residents will enjoy a top-notch suite of amenities that encompass the entire 52nd floor, featuring a wrap-around observation terrace, The Conservatory, Bay Terrace, fitness center with yoga room, two distinctive lounges, library, catering kitchen, and conference room.

Location:  181 Fremont St., San Francisco, CA 94103.

Neighborhood:  94103.

Price range: Around $3.6M-$14.5M, $1.1M-$1.5M for accessory suites. Call 415-518-6402 for the most up to date information.