Preliminary Results for San Francisco’s Mayoral Race Plus Real Estate-Related Ballots

Based on yesterday’s election, preliminary results show that London Breed leads the race 35.64% (49.58% based on current ranked choice results), followed by Mark Leno 25.92% (50.42% based on current ranked choice result tallies), Jane Kim 22.84% (CONCEDED), and Angela Alioto 7.58%

With 100 percent of precincts having reported in San Francisco, adding 75,266 votes to the early tally of 79,024 mail-in ballots, for a total of 154,290 (32 percent) of 482,000 potential votes, but not yet accounting for provisional nor mail-in ballots received on (or after) election day, the above was the result, per SocketSite.

With respect to real estate related ballot measures, below are some of those results:

Regional Measure 3 (Bay Area Traffic Relief Plan): 65% YES / 35% NO in SF (54% YES / 46% NO Overall)
Proposition D (Commercial Rent Tax to Fund Housing and Homelessness Services): 45% YES / 55% NO
Proposition F (City-funded Legal Representation for Tenants in Eviction Lawsuits): 56% YES / 44% NO
Proposition G (Parcel Tax for SF Unified School District): 59% YES / 41% NO

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