New Condo Development in Dogpatch

Plans for a new condo development in Dogpatch neighborhood at 950 Tennessee Street has been in the works since 2014 and back then Workshop1 had designed it to be a 4-story, 129-unit building that is “white, boxy, and modern,” per Curbed SF.

The site is currently a commercial structure that is mostly windowless and obscured by a row of street trees. It definitely lacks any character:

Recently, Polaris Pacific (a real estate marketing company) told Curbed SF that there is a final design for 950 Tennessee by Handel Architects, and the development is ready to break ground.

Handel Architects is an architecture firm founded in New York City, and is responsible for The Pacific and 450 Hayes projects. See below.

The Pacific:

450 Hayes:

Handel Architects stated:

The project site spans the width of a city block and will be u-shaped in plan, with open space in the form of a central courtyard. Although the building is one structure, the style and massing has been broken into two components: one residential in texture and the other more industrial, reflecting the variety in the immediate project vicinity.

[…] The southern portion of the building is designed with an industrial aesthetic. […] The northern portion of the building, in contrast, will have an architectural aesthetic intended to reflect the more residential character of the Dogpatch.


The final rendering, furnished by Polaris, will now have more of a glassy look:


Source: Curbed SF

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