Neighbors Battle for Views

The Rincon Hill development was approved back in 2009, but its neighbor in the adjacent building (Baycrest) appealed to San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors concerned about a “loss of light and views,” not to mention property values, on their condos and pool.

The Planning Commission sided with the concerns of residents and owners of the condos at Baycrest and directed San Francisco’s Department “to investigate two project alternatives that would address concerns regarding a reduction in air quality and access to sunlight by the building’s proposed massing onto the adjacent interior courtyard at 201 Harrison Street,” reports SocketSite.

To appease the neighbors, War Horse and Tidewater Capital proposed a development for Rincon Hill that would raze the existing one and two-story storage buildings on the Rincon Hill site in order for the 9-story building to rise. Designed by Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB), the new building’s primary entrance would be at 430 Main, with the entrance to its basement garage for 72 cars, and mezzanine parking for 111 bikes, fronting Beale along with the entrances to a couple of townhomes.

Rincon Hill’s plans now is a modern 144-unit building to rise up to 84 feet in height at 430 Main/429 Beale Street. And it was proposed that the northern façade of Rincon Hill will face Baycrest’s southern units and courtyard pool, and be built up to Baycrest’s property line, with a maximum 5-foot setback in the middle of the building above its second floor:

They also proposed a second alternative which is based on the Commission’s suggestion of evaluating “a notch” at the upper floors of the proposed Rincon Hill development, a design that included a glazed opening at the center of the 5th through 7th floors of the building to provide a 30-feet wide open-air notch at the three uppermost floors. This design hopes to mitigate Baycrest’s objections to a loss of light and air, but Baycrest said this design would not fix their concerns.

Below is the rendered view from Baycrest’s courtyard as newly proposed:

The Planning Commission’s hearing for the proposed development will resume next week, with San Francisco’s Planning Department recommending the project be approved as altered. They deemed the project to be “necessary, desirable, and compatible with the surrounding Rincon Hill neighborhood, and not to be detrimental to persons or adjacent properties in the vicinity.”

Source: SocketSite

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