Living Like George Clooney in the Bay Area

Designed by Andrew Skurman and re-built in 2007, one of Belvedere Island’s mega mansions called ‘Tuscan Villa’ could easily be mistaken for Actor George Clooney’s Italian Villa in Lake Como.

Only this is Marin, not Italy.

Belvedere is a city in Marin about 1.5 miles northeast of Sausalito. It is situated on two islands and accessible via a short bridge from Tiburon. The place is exclusive, and one of the highest income cities in California, and in fact the 8th highest income place in the United States. Belvedere properties have amazing views of the Bay Area, Angel Island, San Francisco, Sausalito, the Golden Gate Bridge and Mount Tamalpais.

The palatial ‘Tuscan Villa’, the actual main house, at 125 Belvedere Ave on Belvedere Island is accessible not by car, but via a private dock and boathouse.

Or via a private mountainside cable railroad car (a funicular) which takes residents and guests from the villa’s garage and guest quarters down hill to the 5,000+ square foot main mansion below.

View from the guest house where the entrance to the funicular can be seen:

The mega mansion was on the market for $20 million 8 years ago in 2010, re-listed for $15.9 million earlier this year, and finally sold for $13 million very recently.

Its new owners can now certainly delight in living like George Clooney in their very own Tuscan Villa without the trouble of jetting 6,243 miles to Italy.

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