Finding Apartments In San Francisco

Finding an apartment in San Francisco is not a very tough but can be slightly tricky especially for those not familiar with the city. There are a many apartments types in SF for all price ranges; cheap rentals for bachelors, studio apartments, luxury and furnished apartments…etc San Francisco has it all. The best part about SF is the great diversity of the population; there are people from all over the world both tourists and residents making it a united global hodgepodge with all peoples and nationalities. This makes the city electric and exciting and has propelled the growth of rental houses. Here are a few tips that would help you find an apartment:

Firstly, the easiest and fastest way to find an apartment is through the internet. is still very reliable and has a lot of rental listings in the San Francisco area. While Craigslist is common & popular, it might not be the most exhaustive list and the listings there are not really verified, below are a few other helpful websites:


Next, especially when you are new to the city and/or need to get an accurate rental fast, find and talk to a local real estate agency. We at Jessie Lee Real Estate have worked in the San Francisco area for a long time and can help you find your ideal rental very fast. You can always contact us via phone or through the contact us section of our website. We would just need to know the type of apartment you need, your price range, your preferred section of town, neighborhood and we will work to get you the best options that fit you.

Statistically, it has been suggested that the best time of the year to get an apartment in San Francisco is either May/June or November. On the May/June period, most students are away and leave a lot of vacant apartments leaving a huge gap in the vacant apartment list. Listing agencies and owners often let rentals go for lower rates at this time. The next most ideal time is in November because most students and vacationers have returned to their hometowns.

The on-going demand for apartments that starts around August, ends in October. Thus, in November, you would find a lesser number of apartments that are vacant but the demand drops by a huge margin, thus there’s a high chance that you get a good deal for a very good apartment, at a very cheap rate.

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