Improving Bayview’s Streets

The SFMTA (San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency) recognizes that the members of the Bayview community are in need of a robust and diverse transportation network for access to economic and social opportunities – and are more vulnerable to the impacts of future development.

Thus, the SFMTA has brought their technical expertise and the local knowledge of the community together to plan a list of local projects for implementation that emphasize walking, biking, taking the bus, and improving access for transit-dependants groups like seniors and residents of public housing.

There are many past, ongoing, and future infrastructure projects and studies across the Bayview, and this plan will bring them all together to create a clear picture of community priorities, City commitments, and future demands on the transportation network.

Here are some improvements in the works, and the current project timeline:

• Pedestrian improvements include better sidewalks or intersection improvements

• Bike improvements include bike lanes, neighborways, or bike parking

• Bus improvements include better bus shelters and signal improvements

• Streetscape improvements include new street trees, public art, or pedestrian plazas

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