Funnest Places to Eat in San Francisco

Take visiting friends and family to these places and you’ll give them great conversations for weeks! And if you haven’t been to these, you certainly need to check them out as these are truly unique to San Francisco.

950 Mason Street, San Francisco

Serving Asian cuisine, the Tonga Room is a tiki-themed bar and restaurant located in the Fairmont Hotel. Built in 1929, there is a pool stretching 75 feet in the center with a live band floating in the middle on a small island. Periodically, a light waterfall will surround the band. There are also tiki-themed drinks and a dance floor at the end of the water. The Tonga Room is a great place to meet up with friends for a drink and some dancing.

201 9th Street, San Francisco

AsiaSF is the perfect spot for dinner and dancing. Upstairs is dining with delicious food and entertainment, where dancers not only perform on and off the bar but take orders, too! Their shows are scheduled, so make sure to reserve seating for dinner. Afterward, head downstairs to the nightclub, where the in-house DJ typically plays some popular get-up-and-dance music. This is one of the top spots for an authentic San Francisco nightlife experience.

1096 South Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco

Urban Putt is definitely a great spot for newcomers, because it has all you need for a fun evening. This place is a combination of an indoor mini golf course with a bar and also a full restaurant. Don’t forget to ask for the soft ice cream; it’s totally a highlight!

2534 Mission Street, San Francisco

A vintage theater-themed setting, Foreign Cinema is a place you don’t want to miss out on. Listed in the San Francisco Chronicle’s ‘Top 100 Restaurants,’ for the past 16 years, Chefs Gayle Pirie and John Clark keep the place rolling with the glamorous decor and an exquisite menu. For a West Coast take on a romantic night, this is a restaurant experience that is sure to move you.

450 Post Street, San Francisco

Located in the heart of Union Square, Farallon is a renowned and unique seafood restaurant that is known for its underwater theme. Complete with jellyfish chandeliers, octopus stools, shining kelp columns, and a sandy ocean floor balcony surrounded by thousands of blue marbles, this restaurant’s decor is absolutely stunning. Farallon is also known for its classic entrees, such as the miso-glazed sablefish and Alaskan halibut, and the restaurant also includes a Jellyfish Lounge and Jelly Bar. Farallon is only open for dinner and is also available to book for private parties.

1700 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley

This unique restaurant is actually located just across the bay, but how could we talk about unique restaurants in the Bay and not talk about Karma Kitchen in Berkeley? Karma Kitchen is one of Berkeley’s most altruistic and kindhearted food programs, and it takes places in the Taste of the Himalayas restaurant on the last Sunday of every month. When a customer comes into the Nepalese-Indian restaurant, their meal is already paid for them by someone who came in before. After the customer enjoys their free meal, they can ‘pay it forward’ and pay for the meal of the next person who comes in. The staff members of Karma Kitchen are all volunteers, and the restaurant aims to promote generosity and a community feel.

Source: The Culture Trip

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