Bid Adieu to the Jug Shop on Polk

The Jug Shop, some would call a San Francisco icon, is certainly a piece of cultural history, having been on Polk Street since 1965. It withstood over 5 decades of supplying wine, beer and distilled spirits from France, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, South America, Oregon, California, Washington and other domestic and imports. Family-owned and operated, the Jug Shop was surprisingly spacious on the inside, like a warehouse, and it had plenty of parking out front.

The Jug Shop has marked and celebrated its departure, however, and there are now plans to level the complex on the northeast corner of Polk and Pacific are in the works. Soon, a six-story building will rise up to 65 feet in height on this 2030 Polk Street site. Imagine 43 market-rate condos, restaurant/retail spaces of over 6,500 sq ft facing Polk Street, a residential lobby facing Pacific, and a basement garage for 21 cars and 43 bikes.

The condos will range in size from a 931 square foot one-bedroom to a 2,682 square foot three bedroom on the sixth floor, with an overall mix of 21 one-bedrooms, 18 twos and 4 threes, per SocketSite.

While the plan is ambitious, we have yet to find out the outcome as it would require a waiver of the bulk limitations outlined in San Francisco’s Planning Code in order to allow for a continuous six-story-tall street wall along Polk and Pacific. There is also the issue of a 6-story building potentially shadowing the adjacent Helen Wills Park. We will see what eventually happens to this proposed development.

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