Bayview home for under $700K?

Charming home in the up-and-coming Bayview is under $700K, a steal in San Francisco. Bayview an up-an-coming? Yes, indeed, Bayview is slowly but surely undergoing a transformation with plenty of buyers just waiting on the sidelines for an opportunity to move in.

San Francisco’s lack of housing is serious and very real. This is why a cottage-like home, built in 1908 but very newly renovated, makes news in the real estate community.

Featuring one bath, one bed, 875 square feet and well under $1 Million, this stunning home at 1043 Hollister boasts a porch, exposed beams, a dining area, a lovely garden, a kitchen with an island, a vessel sink in the bathroom, and attic space for storage and a bed.

Prior to renovation, this home was sold for only $130,000 and returns to market for $685,000. See photos, what a steal.

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