Art in SoMa Makes San Franciscans Smile

The city workers in San Francisco are forced to discard and paint over them due to the lack of permit to put them up, but the people in San Francisco admire them for they are indeed adorable, sweet, and personable.

Vandalism? Grafiti? Sure, but they’re lovely to look at and they make the city look child-like and whimsical, so we don’t mind.

Street artist fnnch is at it again. Like that time in 2016 when he turned the dogwalking stencils in Duboce Park into a kennel of balloon animals, origami corgis, and other canine confabulations.

Recently, fnnch papered SoMa with roughly 450 of his signature honey bear images, visual riffs on the classic ursine honey bottles available in every grocery outlet in America. Check out a trio of gigantic “honey bears” on the side of the building at 1263 Mission in SoMa.

The building at 1263 Market is the home of Clever, an education startup. Clever CEO Tyler Bosemny even got up on the scaffold to help out with some of the paintwork this week.

The overnight escapade is technically violating San Francisco’s policies that criminalize certain types of street art. But this is San Francisco after all, a city where individuality and expressiveness aren’t frowned upon, they are smiled upon.

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