Whether you are buying or leasing, Jessie Lee is the nicest, most helpful, and most responsive agent in SF! When I bought a Candlestick Cove condo in April 2015, Jessie was the seller’s agent. Throughout the whole process, she was great at clarifying details and resolving uncertainties; I found myself looking to her even more so than my own agent! Shortly thereafter, when an unexpected job relocation required me to lease the condo, Jessie was the first person I thought of for assistance. Immediately, she responded to my call. Jessie was willing to advertise it, show it, and lease it for me — and it all went seamlessly. A year later, when the renters needed to relocate, the condo needed to be leased again. I was living out of town, and overwhelmed by the prospect of having to find a new tenant. I reached out to Jessie, and once again she saved the day! She responded to my request right away, and repeated the process of advertising, showing, and leasing the condo. She arranged everything and completely put me at ease. Within two weeks I had a terrific new tenant! Jessie has wonderful referrals for maintenance and cleaning work, and has been extremely accommodating to ensure that services are completed promptly and professionally. Jessie is extremely communicative by phone call, text, and email. She works quickly to get the job done and is always pleasant to interact with! Thank goodness I met Jessie, as now I am an out-of-town property owner and can rest assured that if I have ANY real estate needs, Jessie will take care of them right away — and with a smile. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her over this past year and a half. Thank you so much, Jessie Lee!!!! : )

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