Jessie and I have been working together for over 2 years. She sold me my first condo in SOMA earlier this year. I have to admit that I am a really difficult client. I am cheap, practical, and demanding — qualities that don’t seem to mesh well with the super pricey, impractical, extravagant San Francisco. I was actually concerned that at some point that she would be so fed up with me and my unreasonable demands that she wouldn’t work with me anymore, but, surprisingly, she stuck around!

Jessie brought me down to reality by educating me about the market and showing me places that I would never have considered. She also made me realize, after all the disappointments, that it’s really difficult to find the “perfect” place and that it’s okay to at least have a starter home and work around the things that are missing. She really gave me a new perspective on buying a home and she never made me feel pressured. If it weren’t for Jessie, I wouldn’t have my current new place!

Jessie in particular specializes in condos and lofts in the SOMA/Mission Bay area. And, she’s really good at it! She knows the market really well and is well connected in the area. Jessie was able to offer me some off-market opportunities, which is unheard of in such a difficult housing market.

Jessie is an expert and tenacious negotiator. I had actually won two bids in the past with her when I was first starting my search. I didn’t take them though, but because of her skill at getting info from the selling agents and setting a good bid amount, I was able to beat out 10+ other bids. Furthermore, Jessie was also able sweet talk the builder of my new construction condo to get me a good selling price and a really generous design credit!

Aside from Jessie’s great knowledge and skills as a realtor, she is also really personable and fun to work with. Through all the home tours and visits, I had a fun time getting to know her — she is one funny, sassy lady. I had a really great experience working with Jessie and highly recommend her as a realtor!

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