I had the pleasure of working with Jessie as my buyer’s agent and I am so grateful for her help. We were in a very tough market for buyers and somehow Jessie helped us find and close our home in South Beach / Soma in July 2013.

Previously I was working with a Redfin agent and I thought all agents were the same. They are not. I work in Tech so I really want to endorse the new companies, but a lot of factors make the old time real estate firms more reliable and effective. I met Jessie in an open house and reached out to her for some help. She was very responsive and answered all my questions, and assured me that she would do her utmost to find me that home.

Jessie is a very sincere, humble, and genuine person. A few other agents I spoke with seemed very aloof and didn’t care for my business (after all, buyers were lining out the door at open houses.) Jessie treated me like a friend and a client. She is very knowledgable of the markets and works tremendously hard. All my emails or calls to her would be answered promptly even on weekends and nights.

Jessie also is well connected in the market and had a few pocket listings of her own. In this market where public listings are bidder several times over, you really need the inside track. In this stressful times, her confidence and assurance helped us ultimately find our dream home.

The story of how we found our home was as follows:
– On a Thursday afternoon around 430PM, I got a call from Jessie to ask me immediately to come check out an open house.
– Her colleague Dean (the listing agent) just sent out an email about an open house on Saturday. Jessie called Dean personally to set up a private showing.
– My wife and I check out the place at 6PM, and we absolutely loved it.
– Working through the details with Jessie, we decided to put an offer on Friday, in a price range that was fair (and rarely were the homes we saw fairly priced.)
– On Saturday, our offer was accepted before anyone else saw the open house.
– Several backup offers were lined up in case our financing fell through.

Now a month later, we’re happily living in our new dream home. There is no doubt in my mind that we would not be here today, likely still in a rental apartment, if it were not for Jessie’s relentless pursuit for our interest. So from the bottom of our hearts, we sincerely thank you Jessie!

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