Nayoung Kim

As a first time home buyer, I think I has been really nervous and anxious. There are a tons of unfamiliar things during the purchasing process, and Jessie was always the go-to-person to me.

She is

1. responsible and prompt : whenever i needed her, she was there and gave me a right direction and advice.

2. calm and rational : there are many moments of panic during a home purchasing process. She was logically explaining why it happens and what the problem is and held me what to do with her calm voice.

3. persistent and patient : One day she showed me one property in a new construction building, and immediately I wanted to buy that condo. Unfortunately it was under a contract with someone else, but she didn’t give up. She called and emailed to the sales office almost everyday. finally three weeks later we were able to sign a new contract for the unit and now i am living in that new condo 🙂

I can recommend, actually already recommended, her to my friends, who is considering to buy a property in bay area.

Jessie is awesome

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