It doesn’t surprise me that Jessie’s reviews are all 5 stars. She goes above and beyond and treats her clients with better care than if she were caring for her own properties. I usually judge the people that I work with on three key principles 1) expertise 2) responsiveness and reliability and 3) work ethic and desire.
Jessie is off the charts on all three of those categories. 1) Expertise, she has a great eye for the market in San Francisco and beyond. Her recommendations on when to buy and sell have been spot on and I’ve been able to make sound investment decisions based on her recommendations. 2) responsiveness and reliability – no matter where Jessie is, she’s alway very quick to respond and address your concerns whether it’s email, calls, or texts. 3) Finally she works extremely hard and cares deeply for her clients. She stays on top of things and has great contacts in the industry.
Jessie is a terrific business partner and she can give great advice in all aspects of real estate. Main thing is she’s a trusted partner and I would not hesitate to recommend her whether youre buying, selling or just renting your property out. She’s definitely the best in the biz.

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