Title of this Review should be Help me Buy a Home and lease a Home
We first contacted Jessie via Trulia Thanksgiving time 2013 when we were doing some on-line research on San Francisco properties. Much to our pleasant surprise, Jessie replied instantly. After a few email exchanges of what we were looking for, Jessie arranged to meet with us. What we thought was just a get acquainted meeting turned out to be a tour of the up and coming neighborhoods of SF! Jessie listened and got to work.
Long story short, she found us exactly what we were looking for; two weeks later we put an offer on the condo and closed escrow two weeks after that!

Roll forward to June 2017. We emailed Jessie right before leaving for vacation to help us list this same unit for lease. Jessie worked with existing tenant, HOA, and others to show the unit and by July 10th, she secured a new tenant for us. What was amazing? The fact that she so efficiently worked with all parties involved to move the new tenant in without any time disruption. (Existing tenant contract end July 31 and new tenant lease begins August 1st). She took the extra step to do a final move-out walkthrough with existing tenant, cited all needed repairs and arranged handyman to fix everything. Then arranged move-in walkthrough with new tenant and again arranged handyman to make further repairs as requested. By the time we returned home, we had the security deposit from the new tenant!

Would I recommend Jessie? Without hesitation, no doubt! If you are looking for a PROACTIVE realtor who makes things happen for you, Jessie is for you.

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