Brian Pong

Jessie helped me purchase my Potrero Hill home July/August this year. I had an agent that I worked with to purchase my home in Sunnyvale which I thought did an excellent job. After working with Jessie I can see that she far exceeded my expectations coming from an already excellent realtor.
Jessie is very patient.
I had spent some time looking for a place back in May and Jessie had shown me a number of properties. Each time she listened to what I wanted and showed me things that matched the new requirements and helped me sort through some of the conflicting requirements. Not really finding anything I was in love with, I decided to pause the search for a little bit and Jessie was ok with that and did not pressure me to continue looking or settle for something I wasn’t in love with.
Jessie gets the inside scoop and gets deals accepted.
After a few months, I stumbled upon a place that I really liked. I went to see it three times, and Jessie started working the listing agent to get more info on the sellers, what they’re looking for and care about, issues with the house, etc. When it came time to submit the offer Jessie again reached out to the listing agent to find out how many offers were going in, the range of offers, and figured out what we’d need to be competitive. Although I didn’t submit the highest offer, my offer was accepted thanks to the terms Jessie suggested and the speed of close. She even scheduled the inspection for the day after the offer date, before we knew if we would get it or not.
I highly recommend Jessie if you’re looking to buy or sell in SF. She’s super responsive, easy to get a hold of, knows all the agents in the area, and knows the property and neighborhoods. I would have Jessie as an agent in a heartbeat

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