7 reasons to buy a home in San Francisco

Diversity is San Francisco’s identity, walk down any street and you will see it; it makes the city a magical dwelling. San Franciscans have a deep sense of belonging and the aroma and the charisma around the city are unique & unmatched. Well known as the city of fog due to the constant fog cover, San Fransico also boasts of rich land & cultural resources attracting nearly 17 million tourists per year and making it the fourth most visited city in the U.S.A. Here are few things that make SF idyllic:

1) Diversity:
Buying a home in San Francisco is easy, and a lot of fun, especially if you like mixing with all kinds of people from different backgrounds. There is always a high chance that your neighbor is someone who is from a completely different part of the world. This is the main reason why you should buy a home in San Francisco. And if there’s any help you need for that, Jessie Lee Real Estate can be the solution to all your buying needs.

2) Moderate Prices:
San Francisco is an average priced city. The inflation here is not sky high and the prices for homes for sale are very reasonable. You could get a really nice and comforting home and for much less of a price than most other cities. This is also why San Francisco is a major hotspot for people of all backgrounds.

3) Tranquility:
Most San Francisco neighborhoods are peaceful and relaxing areas, with crime rate being very low and family life getting the most security it can. You can easily let your children out to play without having to worry about what they would have to face.

Good Locations:
San Francisco neighborhoods are built with proper planning to give space to every home and give them the best possible terrain to build their homes properly. This is also why people prefer buying here because of the good landscape.

The Weather:
The weather in and around San Francisco is one of the most relaxing and cold temperatures in the country. The hottest days of summer are only as cold as 57F and the coldest days of winter average a temperate of 50F. This contributes to San Francisco having one of the coolest temperatures. This is a major attraction for all people looking to buy real estate here for their self-living.

Family Life:
The family life of this city is one where you can have a great time. If you’re looking to buy a home for a long-term, then this city is exactly where you should be headed. The real estate is ideal for all your family life needs and everything else compliments the other reasons why San Francisco should be your next destination.

San Francisco faces a ‘friendly’ problem, called ‘The Bike Epidemic’. It is one of the most popular cities where the majority of people living prefer riding a bicycle to work or school or college, rather than taking the car out. This has contributed to the city pollution decreasing drastically, resulting in a more positive attitude towards the bicycle culture. The city even has a coalition that works to make the lives of the San Franciscan people better by promoting bicycle traffic rather than vehicle traffic.

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