10 House Improvements That Help In Your House Sale

Many homeowners are often poorly informed on what it takes to get their home ready for sale. While the requirements of preparing a house for sale are different fro each house, there are certainly a few general things will increase the value of your home to the buyer. The Jessie Lee Real Estate team is highly proficient in selling property and here are just a few simple house improvement tips that can really help:

1) Bathroom Remodelling:
A little bathroom remodeling goes a long way and always pays back. This may include items like; repolishing your bathtub and floor/wall tiles,  retouching your countertops, painting cabinetry,  cleaning or replacing mirror and mirror frames, cleaning or replacing faucets, lighting, and other hardware

2) Kitchen Remodelling:
Kitchen remodeling is a big one, kitchens have a lot of emotional value to buyers and getting them looking superb is important. Consider changing the wall oven, getting the floor vinyl changed or repolished, a new dishwasher, painting or polishing kitchen cabinets and walls, polishing or replacing old plumbing and lighting, replacing the ceiling and countertops.

3) Porch Remaking:
One of the main things that your house showcases when someone gives it a first look, is the porch. It’s the front face of your home and contributes a lot to your overall house image. A little remaking of the porch, including painting the front walls, adding a little greenery to the entrance and decorating the porch will add up to the price of your house.

4) Basement Additions:
If your house has a basement, it’s always beneficial to throw in a few additives to spice up the aesthetic appeal of your basement. Most people go for adding a Jacuzzi or remaking the basement into an entertainment area by adding up a home stereo and surround sound system, with a gaming console and a big TV.

5) New Lighting:
If your house is an old structure, it probably needs new lighting. A few hundred bucks of investment in lighting will be a great contribution to the image of the house. New lighting brings out a new look for your home and will very easily increase the value of the house and hence your asking price.

6) Wallpapers:
Again, if especially you have an older structure and do not intend to replace old siding with newer, wallpapers can do the magic. Look for wallpaper with neutral and bright colors or patterns. Deep or loud colors such as pink might be your favorite but might not appeal to the majority, so sticking with neutral colors is always safer.

7) The Floors:
Your floors may be worn, cracked or squeaky. It is advisable to try and renovate the floors as much as is possible with your budget. To a buyer, a clean shiny floor is very eye-catching.

8) The Garage:
If your house has a garage, repair or install automated doors, fix and/or add some lighting – some inexpensive fancy lighting helps too, clean the floors, paint the floors, completely empty all clutter.

9) The Front Lawn:
Unattended greenery is a bummer, you might have a lavish house but if it is surrounded by unkempt grass, trees, shrubs or loose items then the value goes down. Spend good time cleaning the yard and add some decorations to boost the outdoor look

10) Basic Care:
Fix everything; bathroom fittings, cabinet doors, door handles, broken windows, oil squeaky hinges, Appliance exteriors cleaned, microwave exterior/interior cleaned, fingerprints removed from all woodwork, baseboards dusted, trash emptied, ceiling fans dusted, lamps cleaned and lampshades dusted, picture frames dusted…etc

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